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gingrich has a new novel about george washington. i cannot tell a lie-- i have not read it. (laughter) duke university has developed a working invisibility cloak. now the blue devils quiddich team will be unstoppable! (laughter) this is the "the colbert report"! (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) (audience chanting "stephen") thank you, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the "report." chausz (cheers and applause) thank you, thank you so much for joining us. please, nation, we have a big show tonight. my guest is none other than former presidential candidate and current moon governor newt gingrich. (laughter) two titans of south carolina politics going head to head. but who can forget when gingrich swept the south carolina republican primary and i ran for president of the united states of south carolina. (cheers and applause) sadly, sadly, folks, i had to suspend my campaign on the technicality that i do not want that job and it does not exist. (laughter) but, folks, all that's behind us now. presidential elections of 201
. as well as his super human warrior image. director of a media charm campaign in washington is what the reporter called it. and she said it is intoxicating for journalists, it's a thrill traveling with a four-star general, and she said at one point it did sort of pop through my head, boy, don't you have a war to run here? >> he thought very highly of himself. >> stephanie: apparently. she said i can see how intoxicating it would be. he was a total flirt with both men and women, people respond to it. >> but would the male reporters call it flirty? >> stephanie: no. >> friendly maybe. >> friendly, yeah. >> stephanie: jacki it also is noted that classified information is used as a pickup line in washington. >> really? >> no, the pickup line is i work for so and so. that is the classic pickup line in washington. >> and if you have seen veep you have seen all of that. >> it's not about your own marriage. it's all about who you work for. which obviously has been incredibly successful because i'm still single. >> stephanie: we love you. [ applause ] >> stephanie: and then
live in washington but met chris 26 years ago at hastings law school, two blocks from here. we were in the same section in the same study group. when we finished law school we both went to the east coast to work for large law firms. over the years we stayed in close touch. when chris was back from over seas we were frequent tennis partners and would get together for dinners and other events in washington. over the years our families became friends as well. it's been such a pleasure to come to know them and chris's many friends in washington and to watch his career unfold. we met on the first day of school. i sat down in our civil procedure class next to a person who turned out to be named chris highland. shortly thereafter chris stevens sat down next to me. the three of us went to lunch afterwards and became friends from that day forward. chris never tried to be someone special but he was someone special. when we were at hastings his charm and wit were on display from the start. in class he was very articulate and seemed as later in life always very poised and well spoken and at eas
to the middle east to try to stop a ground war in gaza. >>> new signs of progress in washington as both parties feel pressure over the approaching fiscal cliff. >>> dramatic video renews the debate overuse of tasers. a woman goes into cardiac arrest after being shocked by police. we'll hear from her. >>> we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener" your world in 90 seconds. >>> another morning has brought a new round of rocket fire from israel and hamas. the conflict now in its seventh day. >> secretary of state clinton heads to the middle east to defuse the gaza crisis. >>> officials have been saying that some kind of a truce agreement may be imminent. secretary of state clinton will be meeting with benjamin netanyahu. >> thousands of u.s. marines are on the move. u.s. navy warships are heading closer to israel. >>> deadly storm now is crow ating a soggy mess in the pacific northwest. >> even by seattle standards, a lot of rain. already 7" and still counting. >>> cops now say the deadly explosion that blew up several homes in indianapolis may have
: tonight, wall street seems to think a deal is done. but what i about washington? plus, a look at the most innovative tech gadgets. welcome to "the willis report." ♪ ♪ gerri: hello, everybody, i am gerri willis. forty-two days until the united states jumps off the fiscal cliff. that is if the white house and congress don't get their act together first. that means $600 billion in across-the-board spending cuts and tax increases, hitting every single american taxpayer right in the wallet. it's not just us but get hit hard, amid all the uncertainty, companies are scaling back their investment plans. according to "the wall street journal", u.s. companies are cutting their spending plans in the fiscal and economic uncertainty, and doing so at the fastest pace in the a recession. it goes on to say that companies are not planning to spend this year or next year. i am joined by jeffrey miron. welcome back to the show, jeffrey. good to see you. i want to start with some breaking news that we had. moody's just announced that they are cutting france's government rating to aa from triple-a. the s&
example. "the washington post" said i your humble correspondent served up a bigoted commentary. quote a couple hours before president obama was declared the victor bill o'reilly offered up his explanation why it was about to use because it's a containing country not a traditional america how many. in case many might be confused about the meaning of traditional he elaborated the white establishment is now the minority. in other words, the problem was too many voters of color. how vile. how vile. in other words, you pinheads have no right to lie about me by putting fabricated words in my mouth. that's not what i said. you disgrace the journalism industry. you seek to demonize anyone who disagrees with your far left view. am i being clear enough? the whited establishment no longer dominates the political field in america. that is crystal clear. i don't lament that. i'm not pining for a return to calvin coolidge i just reported it but for crazed idealogues that's inconsequential. the post summed up their dishonest commentary saying quote: it's encouraging that many republicans are repudi
through the lens of compromise. today we saw what the stock market looks like if washington rises above politics! ♪ hallelujah the dow surging, s&p climbing, nasdaq surging. [ applause ] any time you try to analyze winners, you have to eliminate the stocks that move because of other exogenous events. oil and gas stocks had gigantic moves because of the turmoil in the middle east. so many companies can benefit from the increase in the worldwide price of oil. second, we're seeing the china plays move up. it's become quite obvious. a hard landing will be avoided. that's how copper stock like freeport or hefry machinery can rally. those aren't fiscal cliff stories. what are? what are fiscal cliff stories? how about the home improvement plays? we can sit here and say that lowe's rallied today because of reported better than expected quarter this morning. you can argue that hurricane sandy could augment earnings for the next year as we're beginning to rebuild the jersey coast. many of the hardest hit areas aren't even accessible to contractors let alone homeowners. however, i think that ret
to be a separate business. there are always people arguing in washington. but if you actually look, the latest government statistics are 32% of the people don't even have landline telephones anymore. they use cell phones. the competition out there, in terms of the internet. 4-g is coming in. i would be willing to predict that in 10 or 15 years, the majority of youth on the internet will be over mobile phones and cell phones throughout the world. >> host: if you expand that to wireless devices so you don't limit it to cell phones -- >> guest: that's what i mean. tablets, you name it, exactly. >> host: i think the really important point about your question is that the mindset of the world well into the mid-1990s was that wireline access was stuck on poles or buried in the ground was the key to understanding competition in telecommunications. the intriguing part of the wireless story is how very few people inside the industry -- that that is why the mckenzie mckinsey report listed, it wasn't just judge green and the fcc who did not understand the potential of wireless. it was the entire industry,
en washington hay esperanza que legisladores demÓcratas y republicanos lleguen a un acuerdo para evitar el llamado abismo fiscal que nos podrÍa afectar a todos, desde washington lori nos da mÁs detalle para ver como y quienes impulsan el acuerdo. >>> el abismo fiscal, suena algo complicado, pero si pasa su consecuencia serÍan reales para carlos pÉrez. >>> la vida en estados unidos cada dÍa se pone mÁscara al quitarme mÁs dinero de impuestos se baja mi dinero para mi compras y para mis pagos porque todo sube. >>> la naciÓn tiene que poner sus finanzas en orden si la casa blanca congreso en llegan a un acuerdo de como hacerlo, aumentarÍan los impuestos impactando el bolsillo de cada persona de estados unidos y en entrarÍan el vigor los recortes a programa sociales no solo bajarÍa el dinero de las personas una familia que gane entre 20 y 40.000 dÓlares al aÑo pagarÍa mÁs en impuestos, los que ganan mÁs de 50.000 hasta 3.000 dÓlares y si llega a 150 mi la cifra podrÍa llegar a diez mil dÓlares. >>> antes de iniciar su gira por asia y el congreso asee receso por el
holiday travel. >> anyone trying to travel yesterday in oregon and washington state, it wasn't pretty. not much better this morning either. we knew this was going to be a big storm. it was very impressive yesterday. 100-mile-per-hour wind gusts on the coastline of oregon. minor damage in seattle. we saw people lose power. we're continuing to watch this plume of heavy rain. it has shifted further to the south. it looks like it's about to move a little bit to the south and to the east there of portland. i-5 is definitely the worst drive out there, a solid shield of rain. there's more to come with heavier stuff off the california coastline. even eureka will get the mess to. seattle, one of the top ten wettest november days you experienced yesterday. once we get past the line, the edge of the front will try to clear out. there's more stuff behind it with unsettled hit-and-miss showers and even thunderstorms. the weather pattern, warm air ahead of the system. as the storm continues to dig down, we'll watch the continued threat of showers and even a few thunderstorms are posable, especially
pizarro nos informa desde washington >> los consumidores ocupan más las tarjetas de credito es una buena señal. >> la persona que se endeuda tiene confianza que puede pagar porque compra credito eso es bueno. >> otros creen que es preocupante. >> sí mucho porque entramos en la temporada navideña y la gente se endeuda y después no puede n pagar la deuda de un estadounidenses promedio es de 5000 dólares más gente no paga a tiempo. >> lo que pasa es que gastan más de lo que tienne pero a eso le decimos cuesta de enero. >> por eso se recomienda mucha cautela que no se endeuden y que paguen solo el mínima >> este endudamiento contrasta con la crisis económica desde washington fernando pizarro, univisión >> algunos que ya compran el viernes negro ya hacen filas la tienda pinoy ya puso tiendas de campañas este años los comerciantes ofrecen descuentos para la noche de día de acción de gracias >> los pastelitos puede sobrevivir después de una audiencia de new york para venderla empresa hay interesados en comprar la empresa la ide a es mantner los contratos de los trabajadores. >> l
affair the scandal has the entire news scape in a tizzy. >> the sex scandal has rocked washington. a salacious sex scandal involving the now former c ic.i director. >> breaking new details on the fast moving c.i.a. sex scandal. i'm dying to ask you about this scandal. it's all anybody is talking about. yeah. the sex scandal is all anyone in washington can talk about. i wonder why the country is in financial ruins? now, folks i may be a news junkie but also i got to have my stories. and this is both -- it's like a seamy episode of general hospital. and these days these days, folks, i spend my afternoons plopped on the couch in the housecoat watching cnn with a virginia slim in one hand and a box of the after ace in the other. this story has got everything. a decorated war hero homeowners america's spymaster. has an affair with his own sexy biographer who thinks that the spymaster with another biographer. she sends an e mame from a second e-mail and saying step out bitch. and the second haughty and contacts her friend f.b.i. agent who launches an investigation but he sexed her a shi
in washington are possible fiscal cliff deal, confident such a deal would be reached to spur optimism in the market today combined with good news on housing produced a big wall street rally. crude oil hitting a one-month high at the escalation of the middle east, futures jump in almost 3%. the national association of realtors today reporting existing home sales rose more than 2% in october beating forecasts. faster pace of sales and an increase in monthly builder sentiment all contributing to the good news today in the housing market. and wall street acting like the uncertainty of the first goal go cliff has all but disappeared. and trust in both parties has been comic scene, relentlessl my restored. the stock prices up for the best time in two months. the s&p picking up 27, the nasdaq moving out of corruption territory gaining 63 points today, 3.3 billion shares traded on the new york exchange just under the daily average for the year. the total market average moving higher as well closing 2% today representing a gain of approximately $325 million. a worsening conflict in the middle
in washington are making progress. that led to a powerful rally today, continuing the momentum from friday after that white house meetingetweenredent obama, and congressional leaders. stocks rallied right from the opening bell: the dow surged 207 points, the nasdaq jumped nearly 63, and the s&p 500 rose 27. >> tom: those hopes about a fiscal cliff deal may be good enough for stock traders today, but is the economy in a position to deal with whatever solution politicians may hammer out? it's expected that the fiscal fix will involve tax hikes of some sort, and spending cuts as well. we spoke with economist dean baker from the center for economic and policy research, and economist douglas holtz- eakin of the american action forum. "n.b.r.'s" washington bureau chief darren gersh began the discussion by asking baker what tighter federal policy will mean for the economy in the coming year. >> insofar as we get austerity, we get tax increases, spending cuts, that's going to slow the economy. i anticipate a deal so we are don't see the full, you know, $500 billion tax increases 100 billion spending cut
. >>> in washington, republicans are digging in their heels over the possible nomination of susan rice to be the next secretary of state. 97 house republicans signed a letter to president obama saying rice misled the nation about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. rice has been criticized for saying shortly after attack that it did not appear to be an act of terrorism. >>> president obama wraps up his trip to southeast asia. his last stop was cambodia. he attended a summit of regional leaders and in a private meeting expressed his concern over human rights issues in cambodia. >>> wet weather is forecast to continue through the week in the pacific northwest. heavy rain and wind is causing extensive damage in washington and oregon. there is widespread flooding and wind damage. the storm has killed at least two people and 20,000 customers lost power. seattle is expected to get five inches of rain over the next few days. >> all of a sudden you just slam into a horrible lake in the road. >> this flooding started coming in the door a couple hours ago and now we're just trying to get thing
weeks since his resounding re-election, the president is on board air force one returning to washington from east asia. he's just wrapped up a tour in which he juggled multiple complex issues, including efforts to broker that cease-fire in the middle east, encouraging early signs of democracy in burma, and, of course, a budget battle at home. but for the president's opponents, it's not two weeks since the election nor two months to the inauguration. no, it's the countdown to the end of the world. a disheveled mitt romney has surrendered the romney bus gassing up his car to ride off into the sunset. or maybe just park in the car elevator and ride up and down a few times humming "born free" gently to himself. but others, well, they just can't let it go. >> american society is dependent on a giant federal nanny. >> governor chris christie slobbering wet kiss on obama's cheek. >> the left is going to scream when you say that. >> he was making out with the president. >> how vial. he got to meet bruce springsteen. it's no reason for him to turn into chris farley. >> the 30,000 crew didn't bel
. but it also raises questions about the way that big business wields its power in washington. how they wield their power and what they are capable of getting for themselves when they want something. i raise that question today in one specific context. we are at the moment when not just newly-elected senators, but incumbents are looking to get their assignments and what kind of work they are able to get done as senators. after the basic question of whether or not you can get elected, your assignment once you're in the senate is the most important thing about a senator's power in terms of what kind of impact you can have in d.c. if you want to influence policy in the senate, step one is get elected. step two is get on the right committees, and step three is try to take over your favorite committee. try to become the chair. both parties have their specific rules on how the assignments are made. the republicans have a term limit rule for being chairman or the top ranking republican on a committee. after six years, you have to roll over. you have to move on to a new place unless you can get a spe
a higher power to solve the standoff in washington. >> in washington he's deadly serious about keeping the upper hand in negotiations. democrats are defending the line in the sand. here's how democratic leader nancy pelosi when she was asked if the democrats would accept a deal extending tax cuts for the wealthy. >> talking about a possible come romiez that would cap deductions. is that something that's acceptable? >> no. the president made it very clear in his campaign that there's not enough resources. what you just described is a formula and a blueprint for our future. >> democrats from both chambers are not budging. senator dick durbin wouldn't entertain the idea of the gop of a tax hike on millionaires only. >> $250,000 for a family is a reasonable number. to go up to $1 million, i'm not sure what we're proving. there has to be revenue on the table. and those 2% or 1% of highest wage earners in america who are doing well should pay a little more. >> labor is also on board. i spoke with the service employees union on my radio show today. she says her members will be okay with letti
headed right off the cliff. joining me now is krystal ball, jonathan capehart, writer for "the washington post" and an msnbc contributor. thanks for coming on the show. >> thanks for having us. >> gop consultant mike murphy tweeted something interesting today. he said, quote, one sad possibility, mitt was our hubert h. humphrey, 1968 equivalent. next up? our mcgovern of 1972. yes, it could get even worse before it gets better. the point murphy is making is that democrats ignored their loss in the election in 1968. instead of nominating a more modern figure in '72 they went further to the left and lost probably the biggest loss of that time. i think the governor only won one state. do you think that's going to happen to the republicans? >> i certainly think it's possible and somewhat of an argument can be made that they already sort of went down that path. the argument after john mccain in 2008 was he wasn't conservative enough. a lot of people are still saying he wasn't a real conservative. he really didn't believe in the values. there's also this notion that, you know, the problem isn't
. i'm chris matthews in washington. let mae start tonight with this. victory has 100 fathers john f. kennedy said, defeat is an orphan. let me tell you the people in the republican conservative parts of this country are rip. they had it in november -- rather they had it in october, they lost it in november. somehow like an nfl receiver, they saw that football landing in their hands, saw it floating right in there, and then it managed to slip right through. gone. the whole ball game. the game they had won now lost. and that's why they're looking for someone to blame. they can't blame that liberal obama so they're blaming that liberal romney. that northeastern liberal crowd. texas senator elect ted cruz is cruller still. he accuses romney of going out there and french kissing obama. yes, they're blaming romney now. they were blaming chris christie for working with obama during hurricane sandy. now they're blaming romney for dancing with him. the strict orthodox side of the republican party are blaming the candidate himself for giving away their virtue. ed rendell is the former governo
affairs. david wright has the story. >> reporter: a general and biographer, washington sex scandal juicy enough to bring down america's spymaster. oopz the humor and criticism came main low at the woman's expense. powerful men do pay a price for sex sandals. in petraeus' case, it cost him his job and possibly a bright political future. powerful men can hope for redemption. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> reporter: bill clinton's scandal may have wrecked his presidency. ultimately the elder statesman. whereas monica lewinsky will always be "that woman." >> i understand that she now has a $12 million book deal to write about that. but nonetheless, that is the brand that she now has. she's been branded. >> reporter: attorney gloria allred specializes in helping women cash in on rich and powerful cheaters. men like tiger woods or herman cane. she insists these men can restore their good names in part by accepting financial responsibility. feminist naomi wolf who publish aid new book on women and sexuality says she doesn't condone adultery. >> i don't think it is up to
in washington. you know this, too the money has always been on the side of immigration reform. because corporations want these guest workers. they want to exploit the visiting workers and whatnot and if it means that they have to give up some path to citizenship they'll do it. but the problem is they've created analect an electoral base that is motivated by their issues with brown people, gay people, by their issues of cultural i i implications of women having control over their bodies? >> eliot: i agree. the issue for the republican party is that those issues that motivated them, as you said, were the social issues which lost the election for them. they are no longer the demographics of the electorate, and no longer permit them to get to 50%. either popular vote for electoral college. they peel them off one by one. as they lose them they have no argument to make other than what john boehner sees left to make on taxes. that's what he wants to do. i'm not persuaded that that isn't a losing strategy or epidemic their only possible strategy. >> when the republican party comes around in fo
there is so much waste and unneeded programs in washington. >> people want to cut social security? not republicans, not democrats, here in washington we have people who want to cut social security? >> it's the largest federal program, social security is. it's larger than defense. cut social security, cut medicare, we're going to freeze. >> let me get one in here before we go. i'm reading in the papers today, the financial times that they want business tax loopholes, so-called tax loopholes closed. no rate reduction on the other side. they just want to close them down. of course we're talking about oil and gas and coal. they want $150 billion in revenues. that's going to be on top of the 400 or 500 billion dollars. tax rates may not go up but they're not going down. i tell you, to me this has stalemate. the reason i like this segment very much is the fact is stock market people think this is going to be easy. mr. obama called a couple of ceos over the weekend. i'd say right now there is just as good a chance for a stalemate as there is for a solution. last word? >> i'm willing to b
turquia ellos quieren evitar una invasion en washington univisión >> muchas gracias desde cuba las farc dice alto al fuego uno de los negociadores . >> la corte de está en un conflicto en nicaragua y colombia, por 7 islotes pero la decisión causa molestia. >> un fallo esperado y se remonta desde 1928 el 2001 hubo una demanda. >> estudiar los detalels del fallo para el gobierno que tome las decisiónes que considere adecuadas. >> este mar era de colombia el fallo reconoce algunos cayos pero le concede agua marinas a nicaragua jamaica también está beneficiada porque comparte con colombia. >> el fallo hace difícil ejercer soberania porque tenemos que pasar e mar de nicaragiua. >> la extension se redujo aunque los politicos afectan la económia local. >> este fallo es impresionante en la supervivencia dde un grupo etnico. >> a partir de ahora el país cuenta con más mar. >> el fallo es inapelable y solo le queda un recurso colombia pide que le explique los alcances. >> una protesta en los Ángeles puede ser una pesadilla en día de acción de gracias >> el viernes negro puede provocar
. >> rose: also, david ignatius of the "washington post" from washington. >> on the larger question here of whether the obama administration before the election had an interest in minimizing the public's understanding that al qaeda still posed a threat, a different threat from the one that we were used to with bin laden but a threat nonetheless, i think the answer increasingly yes s yes. they didn't want the public to see that effort as anything other than a great success. that was part of obama's appeal. so i'd say on the particular details, i don't see much. on the broad theme, did they want the public to feel al qaeda was down for the count? yes, i think they did. >> rose: we conclude with julian sands, a british actor, talking about harold pinter, the english playwright and nobel laureate. >> in comparison with harold, other people looked blurred because he was such a life force. he was so present. he was so forceful. and he lived by pure intention. >> rose: aluf, dvid ignatius and julian sands when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york
and investers are feeling better about the possible ending for the cliff hanger in washington. they were buying the market with both hands on monday, leaving green arrows pointing higher across the screen for stocks and commodities. federal reserve chair ben bernanke speaks today at a new york economic club meeting. he's expected to talk about monetary easing and the economic recovery. eurozone leaders meet today to talk about bailout funding for greece. and the world bank says more droughts are likely world-wide as global temperatures continue to rise. violence is ratching up in the middle east. john brady of rj o'brien joins us now for a look at the trading day from cme group. good to have you on the show this morning. > > thank you much. > > oil prices were higher yesterday by almost 3% during the session at one point. is the middle east the main driver behind the move? > > i don't think so actually. i think the the strength in crude was mirrored by strength in other commodities as well, and specifically risk assets had a super day on monday with the idea that over the course of the weekend
of washington. the glover park group whose experts also follow dede myers after she enlisted crisis manager judy smith. >>> new jersey governor chris christie is trying to win back love of republicans after commending president obama during superstorm sandy. the new york times reports christie got a frosty reception this weekend at republican governors meeting in las vegas. christie said he's not going to apologize for doing his job. >>> the mayor of newark new jersey, cory booker, is considering living off nothing more than food stamps for up to a month. he made that challenge to someone on twitter to someone who challenged government's nutrition. >>> we are looking for another four years to do even more. >>> in nevada where prostitution is legal in some areas, the owner of the mustang ranch brothel has been elected to serve as county commissioner. all right. this is the first such achievement for a brothel owner in state history. >>> wall street kicks off this week with the dow at 12,795 after jumping 207 points yesterday. the s&p climbed 27. the nasdaq went up 62. >>> overseas markets were do
to see how your great work here in rhode island is being amplified through washington around the country. "recovery benefits everyone" is the national theme this year, and when we see an event like this, when we see people in recovery, family, friends, and allies, everybody getting together, a lot of love, just a lot of celebration. it's very meaningful. it tells the community that people can and do recover and addictions are beatable. we have a torch-lit parade which goes down to waterplace park, and there are 300 luminaries, candles, in which people have-have filled out different cards. we have the candlelight procession, the torchbearers, and we're going to march right into the middle of waterfire. that brings it out into the public forefront. when you see the darkness descend, and you see 300 candles, and you see the torches, and then for the first time this year, we will be part of the official lighting of waterfire. rhode island is just, you know, the smallest state with the biggest event. what can i say? we are here today to advocate for recovering alcoholics and addicts, to educa
of state hillary clinton to the region. and danielle nottingham is standing by in washington, d.c. to tell us who the secretary will be meeting with later today. danielle. >> reporter: frank, secretary clinton will be meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and then tomorrow she is supposed to sit down with egypt's president. and it's really important for secretary clinton to do her best to try to broker some kind of peace deal along with the rest of the international community. they are very concerned about the violence spilling into other areas of the region and we know right now it's very volatile there not only in what's happening in israel and in gaza but also in syria and egypt and in lebanon, frank. >> now, the u.s. government has a strong stand against hamas. so who will meet with the hamas leaders to broker the peace deal? >> reporter: that's egypt's president right now. mohamed morsi has been meeting with hamas. of course, the united states won't sit down with hamas leaders because they have not renounced terrorism. so that complicates the situation even further. b
services, inc. >>> big storm that wallopped oregon and washington is on its way to the bay area. that storm caused floating and knocked down trees and power lines more on that in a moment. good morning i'm kristen sze. >>> and i'm cheryl jennings. let's get to mike tracking this storm. >>> it is not going to be nearly as bad as it was up there. we have the potential in the north bay where the bulk of rain will fall light rain through the morning. some of the higher elevations like on top of some of the mountains we've had one to two inches of rain. dry creek road north of windsor, that whole area out to fort ross up to manchester, you could see darker green starting to show up that is steadier rain moving into ukiah now that. is going to move into the north bay during the afternoon. the strong entertainment part of the storm is going to stay here we will get rain up to an inch in the north bay maybe an inch or two in the mountains, quarter to half inch around the bay. i'll give you a timetable, coming up. >>> that pacific northwest area has taken a poundinging from the storm tha
captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >>> big storm that wallopped oregon and washington is on its way to the bay area. that storm caused floating and knocked down trees and power lines more on that in a moment. good morning i'm kristen sze. >>> and i'm cheryl jennings. let's get to mike tracking this storm. >>> it is not going to be nearly as bad as it was up there. we have the potential in the north bay where the bulk of rain will fall light rain through the morning. some of the higher elevations like on top of some of the mountains we've had one to two inches of rain. dry creek road north of windsor, that whole area out to fort ross up to manchester, you could see darker green starting to show up that is steadier rain moving into ukiah now that. is going to move into the north bay during the afternoon. the strong entertainment part of the storm is going to stay here we will get rain up to an inch in the north bay maybe an inch or two in the mountains, quarter to half inch around the bay. i'll give you a timetable, coming up. >>> that pacific northwest area has taken a
the fiscal cliff could be a good year for economic growth putting it all on washington and congress to get the fiscal policy in order in order to avoid the fiscal cliff. we have not talked about this, raising the debt ceiling, pushing it again, and he warned that a default could be crisis for business opportunity and actions so with that, i guess we're ready to go out to peter listening to the federal reserve chairman as well in washington with a recap and what stuck out for him. hello, peter. >> hey, that's right. i thought the comments in the end in particular saying the potential for the economy to strengthen significantly exists out there if washington can get its act together and do something to fix the fiscal cliff because he said while the fed, of course, is standing by to provide help for the economy to help keep the economic recovery going, quote, "i don't think the fed has the tools to offset that" ie, the country going off the fiscal cliff, the economy going over the fiscal cliff, but he did say, repeated the fed is standing by continuing to do all it can to keep the economy goi
and the farm bill. "washington journal," live tuesday >> we are live for a discussion on the future of network news and how it is being shaped for the digital age with former nbc reporter, ted koppel. as you can see, they are seated. this event is hosted -- we expect this event to begin shortly. >> from the national press club in washington, d.c., this is the kalb report with martin kalb. [applause] >> hello and welcome to the national press club. i am marvin kalb. the conversation with ted koppel about democracy and the press. if i use the word twilight to suggest that network news, as we have known it, is on its way out and as something new is emerging. whether what is new will satisfy the urgent needs of our democracy cannot be noted at this time. let's hope that it will. without a free and occasionally rambunctious media, we will not be living in an open society. the free press and an open society are intimately linked, one dependent on the other. network news -- if network news is in its twilight, then perhaps our democracy is facing a turning point as well. i asked an old colleague and a
is ordinance: 1, commemorating the stockton street sidewalk adjacent to washington square park under public works code sections 789 et seq., the commemorative street plaque ordinance; 2, accepting a plaque in honor of jack early as a gift to the city; 3, waiving permit and inspection fees for plaque installation; and 4, directing official acts in furtherance of this ordinance. -- as a gift to the city and county of san francisco. >> thank you. and the sponsor is president david chiu. >> thank you, mr. chair. and thank you for delaying consideration of these items. our jail committee went on for a lot longer than we expected. but, colleagues, the legislation we have in front of us would allow the city to accept a gift of a commemorative plaque to be installed in the stockton street sidewalk adjacent to washington square park in honor of jack early who was not only a beloved telegraph hill community member who passed away in 1998, not only the president of his own san francisco-based company, but an urban conservationist who made his mark on a ridge route on a rocky ridge in telegraph hill th
. and while everybody is worried, washington, guess where they are, they're on vacation. tom: the fiscal cliff is looming, many companies are preparing for the worst. already cutting back on things like hiring and spending among those kind of things but nobody in washington, nobody is there working to get the mess sorted out. the president touring asia, congress is on recess. tea party activist says the government has got to get their priorities in check. and so this is something that has been a pet peeve of mine not just for the last couple of days or since the election, because once we knew there was going to be a fiscal cliff, we were talking about this six, eight months ago and everybody washington sat back and did nothing. >> i think it is funny people are criticizing the president for being abroad in asia during this crisis. the president can do what he does at the white house, which is absolutely nothing to prevent the economic calamities that will come on all americans because of his fiscal policies. at the end of the day the worst fiscal cliff is becoming a sensible term like green en
the panel. good night from washington. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, the best day for stocks since election day. we'll tell you why wall street may be looking up. plus, day six of the violence between israel and hamas. air strikes, rocket attacks, violent clashes in the streets. [siren] >> shepard: tonight, hamas lists its demands for truce as israel forces and all-out ground invasion if that fails. plus, a new kick in the gut for victims of super storm sandy. tickets threatening criminal damaged and destroyed homes. >> if you saw what was going on here you wouldn't have the nerve to put on the door. >> tonight new york city defends its reasoning. >> and refer madness in the rockie mountains. prosecutors in colorado now trying to figure out what to do with all the active marijuana cases now that folks there have voted to legalize the weed. but first from fox this monday night. hamas says to israel: i dare you. president obama talking to the egyptian president about preventing an all-out war between hamas and israel. the white house says the president told the egyp
requesting help from a higher power to solve the standoff in washington. >> yes, we're working on this budget, and we're going to need a lot of prayer for that. >> the president is being lighthearted about it overseas, but in washington he is deadly serious about keeping the upper hand in negotiations. fellow democrats are defending the line in the sand. here is house democratic leader nancy pelosi when she was asked if the democrats would accept a deal extending tax cuts for the wealthy. >> we've seen talk about a possible compromise that would leave rates the same but cap deductions for high income earners. that something that is acceptable? >>. no. >> not at all? no way. >> the president made it very clear in his campaign that there is not enough -- there are not enough -- what you just described is a formula and a blueprint for hampering our future. >> that is refreshing to hear, isn't it? you can't get more straight forward than that. democrats from both chambers are not budging. senator dick durbin wouldn't entertain the idea of the gop of a tax hike on millionaires only. >> $250,000 of
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